Title: MySQL & mSQL
Author: Yarger and co.

MySQL and mSQL are two kinds of database software, often used today as the underlying database of websites. Recently, my all-knowing server administrator friend, Ian (also drummer in the Magical Otters) informed me that (this site) is running on top of MySQL. In my wisdom, I borrowed a book of his …

Hmm, the book is only slightly more useful than Ian’s lesson in MySQL, but considering that his lesson took about three seconds and the book took several hours to plough through, I definitely know which was better quality time. Anyway, I now know enough about MySQL to delete, add, and change data in the celtic-otter database. It’s kind of fun actually. I recommend it for people who have far too much free time on their hands as they do anything possible to avoid writing a textbook 🙂

Added: February 6th 2003

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