Book: Violin
Author: Anne Rice

I love the sound of the violin, so when I saw this book in a hotel in Thailand I was delighted. Anne Rice also wrote Interview With the Vampire. I didn’t read that, but saw the movie and was pretty underawed. However, Violin is excellent …
There’s a great image on the cover of the strings of a violin grating across a human heart. That’s what the sound does to me and that’s what it obviously does for Anne Rice. 

The book is an interplay between a Russian ghost virtuosa from Mozart’s Vienna and a middle-aged woman from our own time. Much of it is written in a highly emotional style as if we were sitting in a concert hall rather than reading a novel in the bathtub. Anyway, highly recommended – of course, you’ll hear the sound of the beautiful violin on the forthcoming Magical Otters CD – I recommend reading this book first.

Added: February 6th 2003

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